here be some fricken songs in the mp3 format. which sucks compared to the real thing, not like memorex. fuck it memorex sucked.


mellodrone sweet and sour gives this the power - long live the knobs - send me more files now!


oceanofsoundz - edit from belly of the whale concert | may 21 | FH, wa
This piece is made of sounds from ocean creatures. Sounds used: humpback whales(feeding calls from alaska),
beluga whales from canadian arctic and russia, snapping shrimp, lobster, bowhead whale, walrus, orca whales from san juan island and
johnstone strait, minke whale, bearded seal(from antarctica), weddell seal(kiks and bass), cachalot aka sperm whales(clicks) off the
azores in spain, common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and amazon river dolphin. also contains samples of jim nollman having realtime
"interspecies communication" with guitar and sample of tibetian lama chanting with orcas.


carendi - you know he's gone forget he's out
this is a big one...approx. 25mb


everyone f*cked up
he's been in and out of jail - grandma joyce