Coming Soon! A generative art project producing 5000 unique artworks

Ice Gods

In collaboration with Open3 I am proud to announce the upcoming generative art project I have been working on most of the summer. These pieces of art will be free to mint into NFTs.  You can sell them and trade them.  I designed around 180 pieces to generate these works and can’t wait for you to get one or many!

Ice Gods are new mythical deities generated from photographs of icebergs and glaciers. They are set amongst the landscapes they inhabit and helped form, joined by the elements that sculpt them and the creatures that reside in their real world locations. Whales, eagles, otters, and others are rarities seen only by the lucky few.

Mythology often tells the stories of the creation and destruction that defines our world. Ice gods are here to tell the visual story of the power of glaciation and how it still affects our lives today.

Like mythology, what is seen in the Ice Gods is in the eye of the beholder.


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Photographs of icebergs and glaciers.


This project is about the landscapes that filter and clean the water we drink and use everyday.


Collisions of earth’s crust.